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We present our new merchandising products

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Roberlo is presenting a new set of products in its merchandising catalog which will further extend the range for our customers.

This extension of the line involves the launch of 17 new items, as well as the renewal of the design of many others. The aim is to be closer to the users of the range, to help them in their daily life and in their leisure time.

This includes clothing and accessories, electric gadgets and office items, such as sweatshirts, jackets, sports bags, phone chargers and covers, Moleskine notebooks, etc., which both painters and the numerous distributors of the brand can benefit from. All these items combine the modernity and convenience characteristic of our auto bodywork and industry lines.

In addition to the new Roberlo corporate items, we have created four items under the Disolac brand to increase our presence in the booming industrial paint sector. These promotional products are designed with the elegant red and gray Disolac image.

At the same time, and to mark Roberlo's 50th anniversary, over recent months we have also been creating limited editions of commemorative gifts such as keyrings, T-shirts, wristwatches and confectionery products with the aim of sharing and celebrating this important event together with our customers, suppliers and employees.

All the new products presented today can be seen in the merchandising area of roberlo.com, and throughout the year we will continue promoting this range with new items that will continue to offer small comforts to all #roberlovers.

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