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We are developing new primers, sealants and clear coats

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Roberlo's Product and R&D&I team have been working hard in recent months to maintain an extensive and up-to-date range of products, always paying attention and responding to the needs of the bodyshop.

For this, three very significant new products are already on the market. The first, the Multyfiller Grip primer filler, stands out for its high flexibility and adhesion on a large variety of substrates.

This primer offers different types of application – high thickness, surfacer and wet-on-wet – and has a quick-drying version with the new Q700 hardener which we have designed specially for this product.

The second new product is the two-component Multy Seal sealant designed for wet-on-wet applications. It adheres directly to cataphoretic coatings and OEM finishes at the same time as providing excellent color permanence. It is now available in three colors that can be combined together and it shares hardener P with other products, such as Multyfiller Express and Unix 150HS.

The third new product in this line is the ultra-fast Kronox 620 clear coat, available since last June, which provides high levels of finish and ultra-fast drying times of 10 minutes at 50ºC. These characteristics, together with its ease of application and good results received up until now, give us reason to be very optimistic about its evolution within the car refinish sector.

But the new products do not end here. In terms of accessories, new Roberlo gloves are available, we have improved the Roblight lamp and we have updated our protection masks. More specifically, our powder-free nitrile gloves have been named Robgloves, the new Roblight portable lamp provides five different temperature colors for the perfect identification and recognition of color shades, while Robmask now has two new filter masks and a reusable half mask with A2P2 filters that protect against organic vapors and particles.

Other important new products which have been added to the auto body repair line in recent months include Gova Fit abrasive paper for both wet and dry hand sanding, the Aircolor Stone Chip Protector aerosol in light gray, and the eagerly awaited tintable version of Robliner, the coating for trailers and pickup trucks that now also enables a textured finish in the desired color to be achieved.

If you want further information on any of these new products, we recommend that you carefully read their data sheets or send any queries that you may have through our contact section.

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