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Velox is Roberlo's new high-efficiency primer of the Blutech line

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A solution for increasing bodyshop productivity and achieving great quality finishes, saving energy.

Velox is the latest addition to Roberlo's primer category, a 6:1 UHS solution that stands out thanks to the level of productivity and efficiency it offers the bodyshop. Its drying speed (ready to sand in 30 min), its application without flash off, its single-step sanding process and its great level of finish, make it the best choice for bodyshops that value efficiency and productivity when repairing.

This is a primer that offers a great covering capacity, resulting in a fine finish that allows the sanding process to be carried out in a single step.

The versatility of this solution allows for high-thickness, surfacer and wet-on-wet applications. It is also very easy to apply, which gives confidence and security to the bodyshop professional, reassuring them that the process will not need to be repeated and a high quality finish will be obtained.

Velox is available in black and white and is compatible with the KX hardener range, which it shares with various clear coats from the Kronox range, and the VOC Plus additive, which is also compatible with the Blutech clear coat line: Kronox 3200.

Tempus Process

Velox is launched as the primer for Roberlo's high-efficiency TEMPUS process, along with Racer 1 putty, the Blucrom water-based system and Kronox 620 clear coat. A process designed for jobs where speed, efficiency, increased productivity and save energy costs are key.

Blutech; quality, efficiency and innovation

Velox is the second solution of the Blutech product line, the new seal that identifies Roberlo's solutions with the highest quality standards and which stand out for the high added value that they bring to the bodyshop, and is fully compatible with the Blucrom water-based paint system.

Quality, efficiency and innovation are the distinguishing features of this seal, which guarantees development with formulations that use the cutting-edge raw materials and more efficient application methods. The Blutech line, with the Velox primer and the Kronox 3200 clear coat, is a safe bet in the most experienced hands.

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