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Roberlo strengthens its presence in Colombia with a new subsidiary

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Roberlo Colombia is the company’s 9th subsidiary in the Americas and its 17th worldwide.

Roberlo, the auto body refinishing solutions and industrial coatings specialist, has set up a new subsidiary in Colombia to provide a more direct service to customers in this Latin American country. Roberlo’s presence in the country is nothing new, since the brand has been sold on the Colombian market for years, but in the words of Roberlo’s Deputy Managing Director Albert Juher, “now with the opening of this subsidiary, we are taking a firm step towards developing Roberlo in the country, focusing on a direct relationship with distributors and users”.

The new branch, which is now up and running, was created with the aim of boosting the Roberlo brand in the region, getting closer to distributors and users, and being able to offer a more direct service in order to adapt to the needs of the market in a more agile way.

Roberlo Colombia, headed up by Dagoberto Garnica, is located in the country’s capital, Bogotá. Under his leadership, the company will focus on promoting the entire line of auto body repair solutions, such as putties, primers, paints, clear coats, etc., and also on the industrial coatings market with the Disolac brand.

This new location is Roberlo’s 9th branch in the Americas, meaning it now has a direct presence in all the strategic countries in the region, and its 17th subsidiary worldwide. Roberlo is clearly committed to offering a more direct service to customers by setting up subsidiaries around the world, one such example being the opening of Roberlo Australia in February this year.

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