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Roberlo reduces times with the new Multyfiller Grip

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To provide new solutions to the final users focused on the increase of efficiency and productivity; this is the guideline by which Roberlo has been governed to launch to the market its new formula of the Multyfiller Grip.

This new formulation, in addition to allowing the product to be hardened in its standard version with the universal P series hardeners, also allows the use of the Q700 extra fast hardener.

The most remarkable characteristics of this new formulation could be summarized in reduced drying times to 45 min at room temperature, applying two layers without flash off times in between and one step sanding.

In addition, its DTM primer features with good adhesion on all types of metal substrates, are not only for the version with standard hardener. Now, with Q700 hardener, we are able to maintain the high direct adhesion properties without the need of any promoter.

Multyfiller Grip is added to the introductions of the range of  hygienizers and the Robliner kit to offer users more features.

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