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Roberlo presents HALLEY, the UV curing technology

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HALLEY UV200 is the primer of Roberlo's UV range, enabling increased bodyshop productivity and efficiency.

Roberlo has just released HALLEY UV200, the first primer from Roberlo's UV range. HALLEY UV200 is an easy and efficient UV curing solution that increases bodyshop profitability.

With the HALLEY UV200 primer, a part can be primed in less than 10 minutes: a 75% reduction in primer time compared to conventional accelerated processes, resulting in a 50% increase in repairs that the bodyshop can handle.

This 1k primer is very easy to use, as it is always ready for application, with no need to spend time mixing or cleaning the spray gun after use. It also saves on the volume of product used, as not a single drop is wasted.

The product also stands out as a sustainable solution since it contains half the VOCs of conventional primers, which is beneficial for the health of the painter and the environment.

HALLEY UV200 is suitable for small and medium sized bodyshops (spot repair), for those bodyshops that need maximum productivity, have a high volume of repairs or offer fast services and are looking for optimal results.

Part primed in less than 10 minutes

Applying HALLEY UV200 is simple and fast. Use an opaque container to prevent the product from drying when in contact with light and wear UV protection goggles during curing. In less than 10 minutes the part will be ready for sanding.

The perfect partner

Together with HALLEY UV200, Roberlo also offers the ROBLED lamp: the UV curing lamp for ultra-fast curing. ROBLED offers powerful, cordless and low energy consumption thanks to its LED technology. It also comes with glasses to protect against UV rays.

A BLUTECH solution

HALLEY UV200 is a new Roberlo Blutech solution: The label that identifies products that stand out for the high added value they provide to the bodyshop and are fully aligned with our Blucrom waterborne paint system.


More information: https://halley.roberlo.com/en/

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