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Roberlo is extending its range of polishes and sponges with Robercar 1000 Xtrem, 1100 Smart Cut and

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The Serie 1000 is made up of 3 polishes and 3 sponges for obtaining the best result in the last step of the repair.

Roberlo has extended its range of polishes with Robercar Series 1000, the new line of Premium polishes, which give high performance in the last repair stage, as well as improving the shine of other parts. This line is complemented by the S-1000 sponges, which assist in the application of Robercar Series 1000 and in obtaining the best final result.

Robercar Serise 1000 is made up of three solutions that can be used individually or as part of a polishing process in which they complement each other: 1000 XTREM offers excellent cutting capacity with a good level of final gloss, 1100 SMART CUT is a highly versatile product that provides a good cutting level and a very good finish, and 1200 SHINE is a shine enhancer that protects and cleans, and can also be used on the unpainted parts of the vehicle.

Moreover, the new S-1000 sponges are the perfect complement to the polishing process. FOAM S-1000 White is the hardest sponge designed to achieve excellent cutting action on fully cured surfaces. FOAM S-1000 Yellow is a medium hardness sponge for the intermediate steps on fully cured surfaces or first steps on fresh surfaces. And FOAM S-1000 Black is the softest sponge for completing the polishing process, increasing the gloss and removing holograms.

Furthermore, these new products have a guide for easy, quick and intuitive application that shows all the options and combinations that the user has available at a particular repair process point.

With these new high-end solutions, the firm is offering a complete high-end polishing process to finish the repair of the surface, as well as improving the shine on other parts with reliable and high-quality solutions that provide a high-gloss and long-lasting result.

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