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Roberlo is extending its range of masking products with ROBFOAM T-PRO

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This T-shaped foam gives a high-quality finish on the edges of door and bonnet joints.

Roberlo has extended its range of masking solutions with the launch of ROBFOAM T-PRO, a revolutionary T-shaped foam designed to take efficiency in the bodyshop to the next level.

One of the main advantages of ROBFOAM T-PRO is its ease and speed of placement to save bodyshop professionals valuable time during the masking process. In addition, the T-shaped design of this innovative product guarantees an impeccable finish for edges regardless of whether the joints are wide or narrow.

ROBFOAM T-PRO stands out for not leaving glue residue, facilitating cleaning and keeping a clean and tidy work environment. It also comes with protective paper to ensure complete protection for the areas that should not be painted.

Each roll of ROBFOAM T-PRO contains 25 metres of T-shaped seal to ensure a constant supply for masking projects of any size.

With ROBFOAM T-PRO, Roberlo is continuing its commitment to offering high-quality and innovative solutions for the automotive industry and helping bodyshop to reach higher levels of efficiency and excellence with each paint job.

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