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Roberlo expands and renews its range of Aircolors

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Roberlo's range of Aircolors sprays incorporates the new Isofine primer and revamps the zinc primer with 99% Zinc Primer.

The new Isofine and the revamped 99% Zinc Primer, from the Aircolors aerosol range, are available from this March.

Isofine is an ideal 1K primer for spot repairs, and thanks to the ease of sanding and refinishing it is compatible with the majority of water and solvent-based systems. It can be used as a surfacer in already sanded areas or directly on metal (iron, steel, aluminum, zinc-plated steel and galvanized steel) and provide the necessary adhesion for the color coat.

The epoxy resin in this primer filler provides very good adhesion to metals and a high quality finish. In addition, its fine spray avoids the need for subsequent sanding phases. Aircolor Isofine is available in two colors: light gray and dark gray.

The revamped Aircolor 99% Zinc Primer is a zinc primer with 99% purity of zinc content, in spray format. The layer of this product forms a film that provides maximum protection against corrosion of iron and steel, for example, on car bodywork, exhaust pipes, doors, machines, hardware, grilles, etc.. This primer is resistant to temperatures up to 350ºC and is highly recommended in welding processes, thanks to its good conductivity.

Roberlo's Aircolors range of aerosols is designed to carry out spot  and bodywork repairs in a convenient, easy, and effective way.

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