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Disolac Water Based is the new system that will transform the industrial paint market

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With the new system, Disolac takes a big step towards improving health and sustainability, maintaining the level of excellence that characterizes the brand focused on solutions for the industrial sector.

Disolac, Roberlo's industrial coatings brand, introduces Disolac Water Based, the water-based tintometric system specially for the industrial sector designed to be more sustainable while also maintaining the excellence and reliability of the traditional Disolac system.

Respect for the health of professionals and the environment are two key elements that have been considered while developing Disolac Water Based. According to tests carried out in accordance with the UNE-EN 689 2019 standard, using this system reduces exposure to components harmful to human health and the environment, compared to conventional systems.

This water-based technology maintains the same excellence in quality and efficiency as the traditional system. In accordance with ISO 12944, it also provides the substrate with optimum corrosion protection, UV and chemical protection and ensures maximum durability with an impeccable glossy finish.

Disolac Water Based is a hybrid system that allows the different coating layers to be combined with a traditional system, offering the versatility required in each project.

Disolac Water Based is a complete system, offering solutions for any requirement and a personalized technical service that offers advice on the best solution for each project. It also has a color service that produces custom colors and makes use of leading color tools in the industry, such as color charts and iCrom color management software, with more than 19,000 formulas, which are updated periodically.

Same application, more sustainable

Disolac's new water-based system is used and applied in the same way as the traditional system. The sectors it can be used in are as wide as the number of surfaces to be coated: from structural coatings, refinishing of industrial vehicles and construction and agricultural machinery, to lettering and signage, to industrial maintenance and home maintenance.

A system that's constantly growing

Thanks to the R&D team that dedicates its efforts to researching and developing new technologies, the Disolac Water Based system is constantly growing, periodically incorporating new quality solutions that are reliable and long-lasting and meet the demands of the market.

More information: https://disolacwaterbased.roberlo.com/en/

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