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Disolac presents PUR 844 Smartech, the new generation of binders for the industrial sector

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PUR 844 Smartech is an industry-leading technology that reduces application time as well as the need for complementary products

Roberlo’s Disolac team has been working tirelessly to create PUR 844 Smartech, a new cutting-edge technology in the field of binders, which complements Disolac's PUR range.

PUR 844 Smartech optimizes the painting process: it reduces application time as well as the need for other complementary products since it is not necessary to apply a primer or any other complementary product, thus reducing any further costs.

It has been developed according to the most demanding regulations on the market, and therefore complies fully with VOC regulations, which limit the emission of volatile organic components into the atmosphere. In addition, this technology has excellent corrosion protection, complying with ISO 12944 with a result of C5-M, the highest level of protection.

The Smartech PUR 844 system supports a thickness of 150 µm as standard. A greater thickness allows small surface defects to be covered much more quickly, with fewer layers and avoiding product peeling. It can also be applied directly to any type of metal (steel, iron, galvanized metal, aluminum, etc.) with perfect adhesion, providing a high-quality finish.

This technology can be combined with any pigment to obtain the desired color, thus allowing you to customize all kinds of industrial spaces and equipment , such as structures, heavy machinery, agricultural vehicles, etc. In addition, any Disolac additives can be used together with the product for even more customized finishes, such as texturing or special applications.

The application of PUR 844 Smartech stands out for its simplicity

  1. Clean and degrease the surface to be treated in order to remove any dirt and grease.
  2. Apply the product, without using any primer, thus saving on time and product usage.


Like all Disolac products, the application system is very versatile because it allows most methods to be used, from the spray gun to the brush, including the electrostatic system, depending on the area to work.

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