Water-Based Mixing System

BLUCROM is the water-based color system designed for the automotive sector.

BLUCROM is a water-based color system that stands out for its versatility: 2 systems in 1, that adapt to the specific needs of the bodyshop.

EFFICIENT is the system thatoffers maximum performance and speed, with the BB-120 Efficient System Agent. And for bodyshops that value ease of application above all else, the EASY system offers a high-level finish and simple application thanks to the BB-110 Easy System Agent.

→ Efficient System

  • Time saving of up to 20% and 30% on materials
  • Efficiency with all kinds of surfaces and retouching
  • High stability on vertical applications
  • Excellent coverage
  • Acceleration of drying with the Air-Dry Gun

→ Easy System

  • High levels of finish and simplicity in application
  • Easy to use for all types of repairs
  • Simple blending technique
  • Excellent coverage
  • Acceleration of drying with the Air-Dry Gun


Low investment: 2 in 1

The Blucrom system takes the form of 87 high-performance bases with an accurate dosing format, in 150 ml, 400 ml and 750 ml containers, requiring low investment, and an initial amount of just 30l.

To achieve the perfect color match, Blucrom has the latest generation of measuring equipment, which will avoid rework procedures due to color mismatches The xCrom is a multi-angle spectrophotometer with five standard measurement angles  that gives an accurate reading of the color surface. This tool is connected to the iCrom software, which provides the formula thanks to the continuously updated color database.

Blucrom offers you

Processes with high added value: There are explanatory guides and videos at your disposal to ensure the result in complete high-quality repair processes tailored to your needs.

360º System: Roberlo offers all the necessary solutions for bodyshop repair.

Personalized Advice: With our rapid response team you have the necessary assistance at critical moments when you need help.

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