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  • We are launching several new products in the abrasives line

We are launching several new products in the abrasives line

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  • Gova Fit

    Gova Fit

  • Gova Lux

    Gova Lux

  • Gova Duo

    Gova Duo

Roberlo is launching a new set of products in the abrasives range, with some new additions and improvements in several products that will satisfy the most demanding market needs.

The new items are the Gova Fit abrasive paper, the discs with Gova Lux film substrates and the Gova Duo double-sided pad. These all was exhibited at the Motortec Automechanika 2019.


Gova Fit: The revolution in hand sanding

Gova Fit is an abrasive paper ideal for both wet and dry hand sanding.  These new sheets are extremely flexible thanks to their high latex content which allows them to adapt to any curved surface. The abrasive has an innovative dust repellent coating that lengthens the life of the sheet.

The main characteristics of this product are that it is suitable for wet and dry sanding, its flexible substrate, its surface does not become clogged, the uniform sanding it provides and the long life of the abrasive.


Gova Lux: All in one

Roberlo is also introducing the new Gova Lux in its abrasive disc range, a high quality film disc with good durability and high performance. Due to its price and performance, Gova Lux is an excellent alternative to paper discs in the medium-high range.

Abrasives on film substrates provide more uniform sanding and discs that last longer than the alternatives on paper substrates.


Gova Duo: It reaches every space

Gova Duo, for its part, is a flexible abrasive pad that has abrasive on both sides and adapts perfectly to the most difficult surfaces, such as contours and edges.

Its main advantages are that the pad molds itself to the workpiece, it can be used more than once and it is less prone to clogging. Each pad has a color so it is easy to identify its abrasive, whether superfine or microfine.


Lastly, the classic Robrite, with nylon substrate used for the preparation and matte finishing of surfaces, has new packaging in the form of precut sheets.


  • Gova Fit

    Gova Fit

  • Gova Lux

    Gova Lux

  • Gova Duo

    Gova Duo

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