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Robmix: the new mixing and application cup from Roberlo

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Presenting Robmix, the new mixing and application cup, available in 300 and 600 ml, which will greatly improve convenience and productivity in daily bodyshop tasks.

It is a fast and easy-to-use system and its configuration allows paint to be prepared and mixed directly in the cup, it can be closed with a lid that has an integrated filter and is directly applied from it.

Its lightweight design reduces technician fatigue and its inverted storage system prevents the filter from drying out. It also allows you to paint at any angle, making it easier to paint in hard-to-reach areas as well as upside down.

In terms of productivity, it should be noted that the cups are disposable, reducing cleanup time and solvent costs. It also minimizes wasted paint since all the product in the container is used.

One of the advantages of Robmix over similar products is that, since the rigid cup does not enter the booth, it stays clean and contamination is avoided in new mixtures. In addition, this makes it more maneuverable and increases control of the remaining paint which, once finished, can be refilled without any problem.

Robmix also reduces contact with the paint, especially compared to traditional cups when cleaning, resulting in less damage to the applicator, both with solvent based and water-based color systems.

At Roberlo we recommend watching the demo video for this new product as it clearly shows the product’s main advantages compared to conventional systems and/or similar products. For any other information, please feel free to contact us.

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