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New additions to the Dicrom system

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After the launch of the new DB-524 transparent Brown Bordeaux basic pigment last January, Roberlo is introducing two new bases, DB-407 and DP-902, and an additive, DB-160.

These products further improve the Dicrom solvent-based system and continue our desire to provide a system that adapts to the most demanding market requirements.

There are two primary motives behind the new items: to give the system cleaner and more chromatic basic pigments which allow refinishing with the latest colors on the market, and also to make the correction of existing products easier and more direct.

In regard to the new DB-160, this is a transparent ready-to-use additive that facilitates blending with the Dicrom base.

DB-407 Helium Green-Blue

A new solid blue base that complements the existing line of blues, without replacing any of the current basic pigments.

One of the main characteristics of this blue is its clean chromaticity that adds to the colors in which it is included, along with a greenish flop that was not present as intensely in the other bases in the system.

This basic pigment helps us to develop new products by better adjusting the color with respect to the reference sample and facilitates correction of a wide range of colors.

It can be applied in many different fields and covers the entire palette of blues, from light to dark, as well as different tones, although it is most recognizable in turquoises.

DP-902 Metallic Orange Pearlescent

New metallic orange base that allows you to create new colors in the gold and orange lines, which are taking on an increasingly strong presence in the market.

It is an effect pigment with high saturation and gloss, which at the same time offers a high degree of coverage.

DB-160 Color Blend

Blending plays a very important role in auto refinishing. In this sense, the new DB-160 Color Blend facilitates the process and makes it possible to obtain quality results with no color differences, especially in partial repairs where it is very important that the colors on adjacent parts match.

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