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  • R1 Brand

R1 Brand

  • R1 Primers
  • ROBERLO P512 P512 [+ info]


    High build 4:1 Primer. Easy application and very fast curing even in air-drying process. Excellent high build properties and optimal adhesion to several substrates. Highly versatile primer to perform perfectly in several temperatures and...
  • ROBERLO P11 P11 [+ info]


    1K Lacquer Primer Guarantees optimal adhesion to several different metalic substrates. Ideal for spot and express repairs thanks to its easy application and rapid curing times. Excellent isolating properties with no risk of topcoat...
  • R1 Clear Coats
  • ROBERLO V311 V311 [+ info]


    4:1 Clear Coat. Acrylic urethane clear designed to maximize the productivity of repair. Extremely easy application and excellent flow. Fast curing times and excellent gloss. Highly easy to buff once cured, providing optimal final...
  • R1 Hardeners
  • ROBERLO C512 C512 [+ info]


    Used with Primer P512
  • ROBERLO C311 C311 [+ info]


    Used with Clear Coat V311


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